Avanti Therapy Intake Procedure

What to Expect on your first visit at Avanti Therapy

We understand that starting anything new requires a leap of faith.
It is easier to ignore a problem than to deal with it up to a certain point and we understand this. We also applaud you for taking the first step towards your improved health.

Please come 15 minutes prior to your first visit, unless you have downloaded and filled out our paperwork ahead of time.

Your initial visit will be an evaluation. We will review your history, your current problem, previous treatments, and your goals. We will do a thorough assessment and begin an appropriate treatment program. You will have privacy during your visit as well as the full attention of your therapist. Initial and subsequent visits last 50-60 minutes.

Prior to your first visit, we will have verified your insurance and let you know exactly what coverage you have for your treatment and what your expected copay or co-insurance is likely to be. Please keep in mind that dealing with insurance is not an exact science, and that regardless of what we are told when we call your insurance company, you may run into problems with your coverage. We encourage everyone to be educated about their insurance plan and to know the specifics of their deductible, coinsurance, plan limitations, etc. We have found that an educated consumer of an insurance product usually runs into fewer problems.

A few quick handy tips for your Avanti Therapy appointment!

  • Doctors prescription if required by your insurance.

  • Your insurance card.

  • Any pertinent medical records or information.

  • Your completed intake forms if downloaded prior to your visit.

  • Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for exercise.

  • Your planner or calendar.

  • Patients in the scoliosis program please bring or wear clothing that will allow your therapist to fully view your spine such as a bathing suit top.

  • Sports bras do not work well as they cover portions of your spine that we need to see.

  • Please also bring your x-rays, preferably full spine views – if you are able to drop off prior to your first visit, this will save us some time.

Save time. View and Download your Avanti Intake Forms HERE! Print out the correct intake form for you at home and fill in the required information before visiting us :)

If we are not in-network with your insurance company, please call us so that we may verify your out-of-network coverage. Quality of care is our number one goal, and we allow sufficient time with the therapist in order to provide you with the best quality health care.

You will receive the best of care at Avanti with veteran practitioners who are passionate about helping people. If your insurance is out of network, we will work to keep your costs down as much as possible.



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