Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Joanne is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist who has been involved with the design, implementation and evaluation of therapeutic exercise programs for patients with chronic disease for many years. She has presented research both nationally and internationally. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Program Director, Clinical Exercise Specialist and an Exercise Test Technologist. She worked for 15 years at the award winning Coors Wellness Center.

She has worked exclusively in clinical oncology for the last 10 years providing integrated programs for cancer survivors with particular emphasis on symptom management, exercise, and prevention of re-occurrence. She provides individualized guidance, support and friendship through all stages of treatment and recovery. Joanne is a great advocate for cancer survivors and their families. She brings a level of caring, compassion, and knowledge to the recovery and survivorship process that is unparalleled. She will walk with you through your journey, and will provide you with the best of care.

“Joanne is a cancer survivorship expert. She will walk with you through all stages of your treatment and recovery with her kind and supportive manner. Her knowledge base is expansive and she will help you emerge from this journey with strength and stamina.”

“Joanne meets you as a patient and you leave as a friend!”