Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre and Post Care

At Avanti, we know that you would like to return to your life as quickly as possible after surgery. We follow accelerated rehabilitation protocols for most surgeries, but customize each program based on your needs and goals. As with all of the care we provide, you will received the undivided attention of your therapist for a full 50-60 minutes in order to provide the best of care. Whether you are recovering from minor surgery such as arthroscopy or major multilevel spinal fusion, we will coordinate care with your surgeon, help to manage surgical pain, and return you to activity as soon as possible.

Joint replacement

We highly recommend a pre-op visit prior to your joint replacement to save you a few headaches and to jump start your rehab. We will teach you appropriate exercises that will make it much easier to recruit the right muscles after surgery. We will also make equipment recommendations, give you the ins and outs of what to expect, and are happy to be your resource of information even before you make it back into the clinic for your post-op rehab.

We follow accelerated rehab protocols ensuring your rapid return to normal life

“I completely tore my left ACL in July of 2013. Surgery went well and I showed up at Avanti days later to start my therapy. Kelly had me on the stationary bike and moving right away. Doing my rehabilitation at Avanti, I was privy to an entire team of specialists who were all there to support my body’s healing. Post surgery healing was an issue for me, but after manual lymph drainage, I was able to achieve full knee movement. During PT, I found other muscles and areas becoming problematic. Kelly was able to analyze the causes, and diagnose and treat each issue with various techniques and treatment plans. By June, I was almost back to 100% and in July, I was back on pitch with a brace, playing soccer. PT is what you put into it, and Avanti offers a full staff of fabulous caregivers to help you get back to where you want to be.” ….Mark Hickey

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