Stroke Rehabilitation

A Stroke and the process of recovery

Stroke rehabilitation is often a lifelong process, not just for the patient but for everyone involved.

The type, location and severity of stroke can affect the level of recovery. Since each person’s stroke is different, life after a stroke is going to be unique for everyone involved. Recovery can vary, some are able to fully recover, while others face varying levels of challenges for the rest of their life.

However, there is hope in the process of recovery.

The sooner one can begin their rehabilitation after stroke the better. Restoring physical, mental and emotional health will increase the quality of life for stroke survivors and those around them. At Avanti we strive to create a holistic environment to meet individual needs of each stroke survivor in order to obtain goals of functional independence and quality of life. We will work closely with you, your doctor, and your family in order to ensure that you are taking advantage of all possible treatment options.

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