Jeni KnoxPhysical Therapist

Guided by a deep fascination for the human body and how it functioned, Jeni began her career in physical therapy over thirty years ago. After 35 years of practice, she remains in awe.
Jeni started practicing physical therapy with a focus on sports and orthopedics, treating patients post-operatively and post-injury. She is thankful for this experience and feels it was a great way to begin her journey. She had the privilege of working with all level of athletes and particularly enjoyed learning about the shoulder with prominent doctors in southern California, ultimately giving lectures on the topic. She expanded her orthopedic skills participating in manual therapy classes from organizations including IAOM (International Association for Orthopedic Medicine) and St. Augustine. After taking hundreds of hours of orthopedic and sports classes, she realized that there was more to treating the body than looking at it solely from this orthopedic view.
With the desire to learn and grow in her field, she pursued advanced education in Exercise Physiology and later received her doctorate in Physical Therapy. After years in practice, she continued with her education and learning in the areas of Scoliosis, NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy), Dry Needling, and the Pelvic Floor. She became certified in treatment of pelvic floor issues through The Institute for Birth Healing. Still wanting more, she ventured into Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy through the Barral and Upledger Institutes, where she continues to focus her studies.
Jeni understands the importance of being a curious student, so that she can treat her patients wholly and completely. She believes people are a series of stories (and mishaps) from their life, and their present injury usually is not isolated to one body part or their current presentation. She understands the body is a complex machine, and to assist it in healing requires the same complexity of thought.

Jeni’s deep desire to learn, her varied background, and her devotion to her patients help to make her a highly sought out therapist.
Jeni continues to remain active and loves hiking in the local mountains, cycling, yoga, and working out at her local gym to maintain fitness, health, and strength. She lives in Lafayette with her husband and two dogs, and occasionally with one of their two children who are successfully finding their way in life after graduating college.

While Jeni treats the full spectrum of orthopedic conditions, she is particularly effective for those with the following problems: