Neck and Back Problems

Most of us encounter back pain

With roughly 80 percent of the general population suffering from low back pain.

There is clearly not a single mold of care that fits all who suffer from this common ailment. Each patient’s injury and/or circumstance must be carefully evaluated to determine the proper rehabilitative approach, and often times that approach may need to be altered to adjust for individual changes or responses to treatment.

This is true for whether you have neck, mid or lower back pain. It is therefore imperative to have available a wide variety of treatment techniques to better address the uniqueness of your pain or injury.

Avanti Therapy offers multiple avenues of treatment for back pain ranging from:

Neck and Back problems commonly treated but not limited to:

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Degenerative disc disease
Degenerative joint disease
Facet joint problems

Generalized muscle weakness
Hypermobility Syndrome
Instability injuries
Muscle spasms
Postural problems
Rib dysfunctions

Sacroiliac dysfunction
Sciatica Herniated discs
Spinal Fusions & post surgical cases
Strains/sprains of spine & surrounding musculature
Whiplash injuries

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