Therapists at Avanti Therapy are trained in Biosomatics by Carol Welch

Carol Welch has been devoted to developmental movement since 1979.

She has taught throughout the U.S and Canada. She has pioneered her own distinctive method of movement training, that emphasizes alternative ways of moving, touching and awareness, which brings one closer to the body’s inherent wisdom and autonomy. BioSomatics blends principles from Hanna Somatics, Neurological Coordination Patterns, Developmental Re-patterning and Yoga. Biosomatics is a step towards taking our healing back into our hands.
This is for everyone interested in acquiring knowledge to self-direct their health and awareness.

This method educates the body and mind by non-strenuous movement to resolve stiffness, soreness and restricted range of movement. Biosomatics involves the re-education of our adult neuro-motor functioning, resulting in a means to self-adjust tension, change postural patterns and help us gain freedom from the unconscious habits of how we use ourselves.
When this method is used in conjunction with other forms of self care ( Yoga , Pilates, Physical Therapy, Various fitness trainings) the great benefits from each of these will go deeper and farther.

Biosomatics is an essential foundation for enhancement of all else that follows. It is appropriate for people with all levels of functioning, from those with neurological problems such as stroke to high level athletes interested in recovering from injury and preventing the next.

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