Manual Therapy encompasses many different treatment approaches

At Avanti, we take an eclectic approach to manual therapy.

When it comes to helping people, you can never know too much and just when you think you know enough, someone will come along to challenge you. That’s why we do not believe that one approach fits all.

Here are just a few of the manual therapy approaches that we may use:

  • Muscle Energy Techniques.

    The therapist places a joint in a corrective position and then asks the patient to contract muscles for release of the tight joint.

  • McKenzie Method.

    Tried and true method for disc pathology. This involves repetitive motion in corrective planes as well as manual mobilization with movement.

  • Joint Mobilization.

    A standard of care for physical therapists, this is a way of loosening tight and injured joints while minimizing further trauma to the injured area. Our Physical Therapists have extensive continuing education training specializing in manual therapy techniques to enhance patient care and improve mobility of your joints.

  • Mobilization with Movement.

    A form of manual therapy applied to the joints of the extremities or the spine used to achieve an immediate improvement in pain free range of motion. This technique, if appropriate for the individual patient can sometimes be utilized at home as a self-applied exercise or with therapeutic taping in order to get longer lasting effects.

  • Deep Tissue Release.

    Yes, we can reach those deep structures that are contributing to your pain and/or movement dysfunction patterns.

  • Myofascial Release.

    Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds all of the structures of your body. When it is shortened either due to scar tissue, trauma, or inflammation, problems occur. The application of manual forces in corrective planes to release fascial restrictions can help to speed recovery.

  • Trigger Point Release.

    Those stubborn painful points in your muscles can be released manually.

  • Positional Release.

    his is a technique used to reset the muscles to their optimal function using pressure coupled with positioning.

We work hard to make you feel better!

Bottom line is that we will figure out what approach works best for your body and for your specific problem.

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All of our Physical Therapists are trained in Manual Therapy!