Multiple Sclerosis

MS and Pain Management

A multi-faceted approach to management of people with MS can help with pain, functional problems, spasm, fatigue, weakness, and balance problems. While physical therapies are not a cure, we can help modify the disease process and help with symptom management. We will help to determine the “right” amount of activity, as both too much and too little can be detrimental to function.

Symptoms can fluctuate widely and be unpredictable

We will modify your program every visit to make sure that we are providing the best of care at all times.

Treatments may include some of the following:

Assisted stretching
Balance re-training
Electrical stimulation
Endurance training
Equipment assessment and recommendations
Full body vibration
Gait training
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular re-education
Pilates based rehab
Strengthening exercises

These are some of our programs and treatments available here at Avanti for MS patients

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