Craniosacral Therapy

There seems to be much confusion and mystery around what craniosacral therapy actually is

What does craniosacral therapy accomplishes?

Several of our therapists who utilize the technique, began as skeptics. Craniosacral therapy is a subtle technique, that works with a very subtle rhythm – the craniosacral rhythm. Your cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid that surrounds your brain and spine, circulates through your central nervous system just like your blood circulates through your body. The drivers of this flow are a series of membranes. We can learn to feel this flow, but unlike learning to find a pulse, it takes practice and is very subtle. Another subtlety of craniosacral therapy is the movement of your cranial bones. By applying a small force over an extended period of time, we can release restrictions in the joints between the cranial bones and facilitate improved function of the entire system.

Sounds strange, but Craniosacral Therapy can be very effective for a variety of conditions such as:

Back and neck pain
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Jaw (TMJ) problems
Neurogenic pain
Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Our therapists were trained in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.