Balance Disorders

Life in Balance

We rely on 3 critical systems in order to maintain reliable balance:

Vision, Proprioception, and the Vestibular System.

Effective management is dependent on teasing out which of these systems is not functioning properly. Once the problem is identified, balance can be re-trained. We will challenge your system safely in order to improve your balance and reduce your fall risk significantly.

  • Proprioception

    We have proprioceptors in all of our muscles and joints. These structures give us feedback as to where our body is in space. When they are functioning poorly, such as when one is experiencing things like pain, immobilization, peripheral neuropathy, swelling, weakness, or periods of prolonged bed rest, for example, our fall risk increases.

  • Vestibular System

    Located in the inner ear and necessary for special orientation. Dysfunction of the system can result in vertigo, nausea, and increased fall risk. Episodes can be acute or chronic.

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