Pilates for Wellness and Rehab

Pilates for Wellness

Pilates for Rehabilitation.

Pilates classes can be an integral part of your Physical Therapy program with our skilled Certified Pilates Instructors.

When most folks enter our movement studio, they remark on the “medieval torture devices” scattered about the room. Although we are sometimes known to be “gluttons for punishment”, these modern devices were actually created to heal the body from injury.

You’ve all heard the buzz word “Pilates” for many years now. What you may not know is that it is not just some crazy sounding fitness trend but the name of a movement pioneer named Joseph…Pilates!

Mr. Pilates was a sickly child, with physical limitations, who would often spend hours at a time in the woods, observing the movement patterns of animals. He was fascinated by their agility and the ease with which they moved. He knew that strength without effort was a possibility for us all, so he set out to develop his own program of movement (originally called “Controllogy”) that joined the mind centered ideas of the east with western physical fitness principles. He is known to embrace the movement concept of “effort with ease” especially in those with physical limitations.

Pilates equipment employs the use of springs to support the body in any given exercise. The springs act as an extension of the limbs, simultaneously assisting and resisting the muscles to facilitate a deeper connection to the body’s internal support system, or as Mr. Pilates would call it, the “powerhouse”. Through the use of springs and ones focused attention to their internal sensations, they engage the body to illicit a new and efficient movement pattern, allowing them to move not just from the working limb but from their whole being…center outward. It IS a full bodied movement program!

The benefits of the method are limitless… Most widely noted are increased overall strength and flexibility, increased range of motion in the joints, improved body alignment and spatial awareness, and improved neuromotor function. The role of a good Pilates program in ones life is to teach them how to be a better mover in all of life’s situations. Pilates can help us to uncover our body’s own innate movement wisdom by waking up new muscular recruitment patterns. It can teach us to be the self-correcting beings that we were before injury, trauma or illness dulled our movement senses. Mr. Pilates believed that his methods greatest role was in allowing us to live better lives with the renewed vitality and vigor that the method elicits.

Our Certified Pilates Instructors have over 20 years of teaching experience in the rehab setting

Avanti Therapy instructors design each patients program around their needs and respective of their limitations. Our Pilates sessions, whether insurance based or private pay, are One Hour long, unlike the majority of clinics in the Boulder Metro Area.

Pilates Classes Available



10 Class Package Deal
Only $17.50 per Session
No prerequisite
55 Minute sessions



Per Session
Punch Card Available
No prerequisite
55 Minute sessions



Per Person
3 Person Sessions
Prerequisite required
55 Minute sessions



Each Person
2 People Only
No Prerequiste
55 Minute sessions



One on One
Use of all equipment
No Prerequiste
55 Minute sessions

Mat Class

No prerequisite required for a 55 minute class that builds a series of Pilates mat exercises, designed to mimic the exercises on the equipment, but without the use of springs. The most challenging of the Pilates repertoire and a great place to WAKE UP your muscles!

Semi-Private Reformer 3 Session

With a monthly commitment, only 3 people per class. Prerequisite required.
55 minute session that builds a series of exercises on a piece of equipment originally called the “universal reformer”, now known simply as the “reformer”. The reformer will take you deeper into the mat movements as the support from the springs allows you to fine tune specific movement patterns that your body many be inefficient in performing.


No prerequisite a 55 minute session with you and 1 other individuals which focus on goals of the group utilizing all Pilates equipment: Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Barrel, Ped-o-Pull, Spine Corrector and Mat.

Private One-on-One

No Prerequiste, a 55 minute session between you and an instructor that focuses on your individualized needs utilizing all of the Pilates equipment: Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Barrel, Ped-o-Pull, Spine Corrector, and Mat.

Who and What is Pilates Good For?

Sports injuries – Neck/back pain – Postural imbalances – Adolescents with clinical hypermobility or hypotonicity – Chronic conditions – Seniors – Balance Disorders – Osteoporosis – Pre and post-surgical conditions – Pre and post natal – Scoliosis … EVERYONE!

A wide range of Pilates Classes available!

To schedule a Certified Pilates Instructors: Heather, and Katie.

Please call (303) 543-1201 for the latest class schedule!