Heather Marinaccio Boak - Avanti Therapy Boulder, Co

Heather Marinaccio Boak, C.P.I.

Administrative Director

Heather is a certified Pilates instructor and movement specialist, as well as co-director of Avanti Therapy. She came to discover Pilates having spent her formative years as a competitive Gymnast. In 1998 she began her studies in the Pilates method. She entered into the Physicalmind Institute of New York’s training program in 2001 where she completed her apprenticeship and was certified in the Summer of 2002. Heather taught at several Pilates Studios and dance academies in New Jersey, including the acclaimed Academy of Dance Arts, Red Bank, New Jersey.

In 2005 she embarked on a lifelong journey of studies with her mentor, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle. Wendy has been her greatest influence, encouraging her to always question the movement form and its infinite potential; to find the truth in movement and to seek the true essence of our beings.

Working with patients with complex injuries at Avanti Therapy, she has found that Pilates can be embodied in the true sense that it was intended; as a way to heal oneself. Her clients continue to inspire and amaze her each day. They bring joy to her life by witnessing their courage and their presence.

Heather has always enjoyed the exploration of movement patterns as they apply to overall function, but her experience reached a new level with the birth of her daughter. With the right prenatal exercise instruction for strength development and movement patterning, she helps women prepare for a birthing process that honors our natural ability to work with our bodies instead of against them, in order to ease the delivery process.

Heather has had the pleasure of furthering her movement studies with various Pilates Instructors, Movement Therapists and Physical Therapists throughout the U.S. She is constantly in awe of the amazing method designed by Mr. Pilates and its true ability to heal. Heather is interested in various forms of movement and in finding the harmony between ones soul and ones being. She continues to explore daily the Classical Pilates method as it relates to every individual. She is dedicated to guiding each client into finding a re-alignment and re-balance of body, mind and spirit through the method, and re-storing their bodies to health.

Meghan Gobuty, Avanti Therapy

Meghan Gobuty

Administrative Team

Meghan is from Thousand Oaks, California and is finishing up her senior year at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is majoring in Integrative Physiology and plans to apply to physical therapy school after she graduates. In her free time Meghan enjoys hiking with friends, cuddling with her cat Peach, and exploring Colorado.

Gigi Emerson Avanti-Therapy

Gigi Emerson

Administrative Team

Gigi was born and raised in Colorado. When she’s not working she enjoys reading, watching movies and hockey games and going on hikes with her partner and dogs. One day she hopes to own her own plant nursery.