Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

We are pleased to offer frequency specific microcurrent at Avanti Therapy. FSM can have a profound impact on the body’s ability to heal itself. The different frequency combinations of microcurrent are used to change tissue structure and function, which can help healing in all phases of recovery. FSM matches the frequency of specific tissues with frequencies that remove specific pathologies using destructive interference. One channel is set to the frequency of the target tissue, like nerve, disc, muscle, etc, and the other is set for the pathology. For example, 40 Hz is the frequency to treat inflammation – it neutralizes the frequency of inflammation from the target tissue like noise cancelling headphones.

A few of the many physiologic changes created through the use of FSM are:

· Frequencies turn off the production of inflammatory peptides.

· Great for scar tissue – increases elastin 48%

· Increases ATP production by 500% (TENS decreases ATP production)

Common conditions that can be treated are:

· Any musculoskeletal problem – pathology in disc, ligament, tendon, muscle, bursa, etc.

· Nerve pain

· Neuroma

· Adhesive scarring

· Peripheral neuropathy

· Gout

Instructions for patients:

· You need to be hydrated for FSM to be effective – 1-2 quarts in the 2 hours preceding the treatment and staying hydrated the rest of the day. Athletes and the elderly require more.

· Most programs take 40-60 minutes to run to come prepared to take a nap or bring non electronic entertainment.

· Phones should be away from the patient’s body – they can listen to music or a podcast, but the phone needs to be away from the treatment area.

Our team of therapists prides themselves in working collaboratively to enhance your individualized care and speed your recovery!

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