Motor Vehicle Injuries and Rehabilitation

Motor vehicle injuries sustained are like no others

The forces placed on the joints, particularly of the spine, can affect their normal integrity and create lasting pain and dysfunction.

Some segments are too loose, some segments tighten down too much, discs bulge, nerves become compressed, and the usual harmony of many fine tuned structures in a small area is suddenly disrupted. Add to that the fact that even if you did not hit your head, rapid deceleration of the brain against the skull can cause problems with cognitive function. However, do not be discouraged.

If handled correctly, harmony can be restored. We may use any of the following approaches to help you:

Craniosacral Therapy: Helps cognitive function
Manual Therapy: Restore spine’s normal joint function.
Deep Tissue Laser: Speeds healing and decreases pain
Electrical stimulation: For pain management
Kinesiotape: Retrain normal muscle & joint function

Vibration Therapy: Loosens tight muscles & speeds healing
Pilates based rehab: For strength & motion range
Trigger point dry needling
Custom corrective therapeutic exercises
TLC – a must!!!

Help is here

For effective assessment and treatment of your injuries related to motor vehicle accident (MVA) schedule now with one of Avanti Therapy’s experienced therapists.