Schroth-Based Scoliosis Program

Few options exist in the United States for the effective management of scoliosis.

Anxious parents are told to just watch and wait to see if the curve progresses enough to warrant bracing and/or surgery.

Adults experiencing increased pain and curve progression are told that the only option is surgery. Traditional Physical Therapy has not been shown to impact curve progression. We at Avanti Therapy have a Boulder, Co, Schroth-based scoliosis program to aid management of scoliosis.

For years Europeans have been using an approach shown to be effective for scoliosis management, based on the work of Katarina Schroth. The training program used at Avanti Therapy was developed by Manual Rigo, MD, PhD, a world renowned advocate for the conservative management of scoliosis, and Director of the E. Salva Institute for Rehabilitation of Spinal Deformities, Barcelona, Spain.

Scoliosis is a three dimensional condition, which progresses due to a vicious cycle. It starts with vertebral wedging and becomes self-perpetuating as the spine is loaded asymmetrically from the wedging at one or two levels. We work to break this cycle through the use of spinal elongation exercises, isometric strengthening and rotational breathing.

Each person receives a program designed to address their specific curve pattern, goals and functional limitations. We will also consult with you regarding brace options if needed.

The primary goal of Schroth-based Physical Therapy is to halt the progression of the curve, although curve reduction is achieved for many patients. Pain relief, improvement in posture and trunk symmetry, improved lung function, increased strength, mobility, and ability to participate in an active lifestyle are also achievable goals.

We understand the impact scoliosis can have on your life

Our knowledgeable and compassionate caregivers are extremely motivated to empower you to overcome this multi-faceted condition.

PILATES for SCOLIOSIS: New to Avanti Therapy!!!

Many traditional Pilates programs can contribute to progression of the scoliotic curvature

We have taken the principles of Schroth based exercises and applied them to Pilates rehabilitation.

Our classes incorporate the Pilates method with the curve corrections of Schroth based treatment for scoliosis. Avanti Therapy provide an innovative treatment for adults and adolescents with scoliosis who would like to safely exercise while honoring and correcting their scoliosis.

Our Specialists

See Julie Edelman for effective assessment and treatment of scoliosis. After your assessment and initial treatment are complete, we can provide follow-up care as well as Pilates for Scoliosis in private lesson and class settings.

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