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The role of a good Pilates program in ones life is to teach them how to be a better mover in all of life’s situations. Pilates can help us to uncover our body’s own innate movement wisdom by waking up new muscular recruitment patterns…

Studies have shown that there are numerous complimentary treatments that can assist in managing the side effects and improve the quality of the cancer treatment experience. If you are interested in finding out more – click below.

We take an eclectic approach to physical therapy, and will think outside of the box in order to make you feel better. Our practitioners are experts in manual therapy, and have the time to provide you with the best of care.

The primary goal of Schroth-based Physical Therapy is to halt the progression of the curve or curves. Other benefits include, pain relief, improvement in posture and trunk symmetry, improved lung function, increased strength, mobility and more.