For adolescents, there are definitely some sports that are going to impact your curvature more negatively than others. The best exercise is swimming, as your spine is unweighted and elongated. The worst forms of exercise for your spine are gymnastics, some forms of dance and yoga. These types of exercise take an already unstable spine and create more instability. That being said, someone who adores gymnastics with a small curvature who is near skeletal maturity may be able to continue his or her sport. We will help you to decide based on your individual circumstances. Exercises such as running and running sports increase axial compression, which is a compressive force through the spine created by the hard landing of the foot on the ground. This type of force may be progressive for certain curvatures. Cycling usually involves more flexion of the spine than is advised for those with scoliosis. On the plus side, most adolescents and adults who are active have much greater core strength and postural control, which makes mastery of the exercises for scoliosis much easier. The bottom line is that we will try to help you to make the best decision for you, depending on your type of curvature, degrees of curvature, symptoms, and personal preferences.